Ambient Air Curtain

Winterwarm ACM – Modular Air Curtain

A modular air curtain with a high air volume and low penetration degree, available for all varieties of door frame widths. According to independent research, by installing an air curtain behind a door that regularly opens and closes the total energy loss decreases by between 60 – 80 % , saving significant funds for your home or business.

Ambient Air Curtain

Not only does the Modular Air Curtain separate the contrasting air temperatures, the bespoke design will transport the rising warm air caught underneath the ceiling downwards to ensure complete comfort all year round, adding to the already present warm air within the room, improving working conditions for all.

Suitable for industrial use, the Modular Air Curtain is an ideal warehouse heating solution for large warehouse doors, loading platforms and even between assembly halls and the warehouse, acting as a partition, aesthetically pleasing with minimal noise disruption.

Characteristics :

  • Modular construction (Easy to transport and install)
  • Applicable to doors with a max. height of 4.5m
  • Installed vertically and horizontally (Adjustable to any door frame size)
  • Reduction of heat loss by 60-80%
  • Provided with a ‘Gurney Flap’ for increased efficiency *
*‘Gurney flap’ – the extra louvre provided by the Ambient Air Curtain results in a direct and higher air speed towards the floor, thus blocking/reducing the risk of outside penetration from contrasting cooler air.

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