Advantages & Disadvantages of Warm Air Heating

Advantages and Disadvantages of Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating systems are a popular and efficient alternative to traditional central heating systems that help to quickly warm your industrial space. They work by pulling air from a vent located outside the building, heating it over a gas flame and delivering the warm air into the designated space. It is a type of heating system that can work well in a range of structures from small workshops to vast warehouses and commercial properties. In the UK it is one of the biggest rivals for traditional heating because of its numerous benefits throughout different properties. To help you better understand warm air heating systems we have compiled a comprehensive list of its biggest advantages and disadvantages.

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  • In the cooler months when you turn on a traditional heating system you may find it takes a while to start making any noticeable change to the temperature of your space. One of the biggest benefits of having a warm air heating system is that it has an extremely quick response time and will start working immediately without having to boot up.
  • On average this system type has a longer life span that other heating systems. This is partly because unlike other systems, there isn’t a risk of it breaking down because of any water leaks, faulty valves, frozen pipes in the colder months and system failures of any kind. Overall it is seen as a much more effective and efficient system in terms of longevity.
  • You have much more physical control with a warm air heating system as you can adjust the ventilation so that you can heat your space to the desired temperature. With other systems you don’t always have as much control with the temperature as if it is too hot there is no way to vent this.
  • If you have individuals in your commercial or industrial space who suffer from allergies caused by dust or pollen you have the option to have an air cleaner turned on. This ensures that all the air being delivered into your property is free of all allergens and any other impurities in the air. Other systems tend to work by circulating air full of allergens continuously around the space until inhaled or they settle on furnishings.
  • Whilst it is an ideal system for the winter months it can also double as a cooling system for the summertime giving it an advantage over other central heating systems.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of a warm air heater is that its initial purchase and installation cost can be significantly more than other systems. You may need to spend time re-routing ducts in your building as well as ensuring the there is adequate insulation. Without this you may eventually have problems with condensation which may cause structural damage as well as damage to your health in terms of mould spores.
  • While this type of system doesn’t break down like other systems and has a good lifespan, the one area that can become problematic is the on and off mechanism.
  • It can clean the air before transporting it into the property it has been known to cause issues with individuals who suffer from asthma. Equally, if you choose not to use a system that cleans the air, because of the way the air delivered it can cause respiratory issues with allergens.
  • If you have any doors or windows open in the property the system will struggle to determine the temperature which can cause it to take longer to heat the area.

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