Brand Focus: Winterwarm Heating Solutions

Winrow Winterwarm HR HeaterWinterwarm have been a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial heating products in the Netherlands for almost seventy years. However, it was only in 1992 following the acquisition of Percival Ltd, that they became big players in the UK industrial heating market.

Today they are one of the most established suppliers of industrial heating equipment in the industry and a reliable choice when heating most commercial spaces.

Heating Up

At Winrow we have a comprehensive range of Winterwarm heating solutions for commercial and industrial premises. The robust construction and reliability have given Winterwarm heating products an enviable reputation for convenience, comfort and cost-effectiveness.


Among the advantages conveyed by Winterwarm products are a high level of system efficiency with rapid warm-up and cool-down functions. All at a price you can justify. This owes no small amount to the unique product design work, which minimises the initial outlay through ease of installation. Like the air in a room, you should never stay still and become stagnant, so their products move with the times and continually improve.


R&D has always been a high priority for Winterwarm. They’re not interested in doing heating the way it’s always been done. They like to try something new, and in doing so have developed high quality systems that don’t use up valuable floor space.

Of course, good design is not everything. When choosing heating installations, system safety is paramount so all Winterwarm heaters meet ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards.

Not All Hot Air

At Winrow we take great pride in the quality of everything we do. We have supplied, replaced and upgraded countless heating systems, including Winterwarm heaters, to businesses throughout the UK.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction and we know through our years of experience that our service is hard to beat. Give us a call on 08000 588 035 or fill our a contact form for a Free Quotation. We can assess your current heating situation and recommend a tailored solution to that meets your requirements.

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