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Space Heaters – How to Choose the Best for Your Warehouse

Finding the right heating solution for your warehouse can feel like an impossible task. With such a vast space it can be difficult to know which heater will work efficiently without costing you a fortune each month. That being said, your workers are entitled to operate in a comfortably heated environment- particularly during winter, which is why it is important to understand the best warehouse heating solutions available in the market.

Radiant Tube Heating

Radiant Tube heaters utilises either linear or ‘U’ tube configurations which can be mounted on the walls or suspended. This type of heating emits infrared radiation, which instead of warming the air, warms people and objects in the space. Poorly insulated warehouses often benefit from this option as the effects are felt instantly and they can be easily switched on and off when required, making it both efficient and economical.

Warm Air Heaters

Warm Air heaters do exactly what the name suggests by warming the surrounding air and therefore the people in the space. Air is drawn into and across a heat exchanger and then pushed back out to then be distributed by a fan. It is an option which combines the efficiency of indirect heating with energy efficiency and most importantly, comfort for your workers.

LPG Heaters

Liquefied Petroleum Gas heaters are one of the more environmentally friendly and ‘cleaner’ heating solutions. If you are looking to become carbon neutral, this might be a good start. LPG fuel is stored in tanks after being produced during natural gas processing and is therefore the perfect solution for warehouses which are unable to access a mains gas supply.

At Winrow Industrial Heating, we have a wide range of industrial heating solutions to efficiently heat any warehouse space. Our team are happy to talk you through each make and model to find the perfect heating system for your business. Feel free to contact us today on 08000 588 035 with any enquiries, we’re happy to help!

Space Heating is The Answer to Lowering Monthly Bills

When warming up a large space, you want a system that juggles efficiency, cost, and effectiveness. This is instead of the alternative: running the central heating at a higher temperature, resulting in extra costs and hassle. In an industrial space this is an impracticality; so why not use a larger space heating system?

There was a common notion back in the day that these kinds of heaters were just as costly as central heating. However, times have changed, and it’s now extremely easy to discover energy efficient and low-cost space heating systems. These new models allow spaces to be fully heated safely and comfortably at just a fraction of the cost that was associated with older installations. More often than not, it’s even cheaper to use a large-space heating solution rather than using your central air heater. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of using space heating and how it can affect the overall cost.

Lower energy costs

A common misconception is that space heating costs more on top of monthly bills if you’re using two heating sources. Turning up your thermostat when you feel a chill will drastically ramp up your bills. Focusing a space heater precisely on where and when you need to warm up will save you money on your energy bills.

Greater energy efficiency

An industrial space heater will use less electricity than a central heating system. This limits your company’s environmental impact, whilst also cutting the electricity bill costs down. This reduces your building’s carbon footprint. In an increasingly environmentally-conscious world, it’s critical that we all do our part.


Alongside the cost benefits, space heating is easily a much more reliable source for your heating needs. They are simple to run, making it less time-consuming. They are essentially a bigger version of a basic household electric fire which allows you, your employees, clients, or guests to always have peace of mind.

Space heating has come a long way and is now even more efficient for industrial and commercial usages. To reach the maximum effect, make sure to control the temperature and the time you have the heater on to reap the benefits of a space heater in your workplace.

Heaters that have these controls are often cheaper to run because you can decide how and when you want specific areas heated based on your company needs. Industrial space heating systems deliver a comfortable and balanced working temperature to any factory setting by having the most up-to-date and innovative heat recovery techniques.

At Winrow Building Services, we can modify and adapt the design of each system providing the most fuel efficient and effective heating solution for industrial and commercial buildings. If you would like to create a warmer and easier work atmosphere get in touch with us on 08000 588 035.

Is Your Warehouse Heating Adaptable during Winter?

There is one thing you can be sure of in the UK – that you can never be sure what the weather will be like next. Granted, our weather isn’t quite as extreme as other places who are battling minus 30 degrees in winter or 45 degrees in the summer, but we have our own problems to deal with.

The winter of 2018/2019 has been mild so far, meaning that your warehouse heating might not have been too energy-intensive or costly – so far. However, The Met Office has predicted snow, ice, and sleet to sweep over the nation in the coming weeks, making it much harder to heat your warehouse. As energy prices could increase by around 10% in the Spring of 2019, it’s useful to make sure you’re in control of your boiler.


With the weather as tumultuous as it is, you need to make sure your warehouse heating system can adapt to the changing temperatures. Keeping your heating on at the same level come rain or shine is going to lead to problems for your business.


Being able to adapt the temperature of your warehouse means being able to adapt the amount of energy you are using. If temperatures are warmer, you can afford to use less heat in your warehouse and therefore save money on your heating bill. You’ll only use the energy you need.


By reducing the amount of energy you waste and using energy more efficiently, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. This helps you protect the environment. Keeping your heating temperature the same at all times regardless of the weather can lead to excessive use of the fossil fuels that power your boiler, leading to greater volumes of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.


If you have a lot of staff working in your warehouse, you need to be able to adjust the temperature easily for their benefit. Staff who are too hot or too cold become irritated and unhappy, reducing the overall productivity of your workforce. They need to be able to keep the temperature at a desirable level to stay satisfied.

How to make sure your warehouse heating is easily adjustable?

Sometimes, making sure your heating system can respond to the changes in the weather is as simple as making sure your staff know where to locate the thermostat, timer, or boiler. Sometimes you may need to take extra steps like fitting a more modern boiler that can make quick adjustments. Other things to consider are:

  • Smart thermostats – These are connected to the internet allowing you to control your boiler remotely using a mobile phone or tablet. Even when you are not in your warehouse, you can change the temperature settings, turning it off if it’s not in use, or turning it on before your staff arrives.
  • Smart meters – For more accurate pricing information, energy savings, and cost savings on your energy bill.
  • A more energy efficient boiler – It will save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

Heating your warehouse for less through the winter is easier than ever with the introduction of new boiler technology. It might just be the best way to keep your staff happy and productive throughout 2019.

If you need help making sure you warehouse heating is up to scratch, get in touch with Winrow today on 08000 588 035. We will assess each warehouse on an individual basis to provide you with the bespoke heating solution you need.

Why you need industrial heating this winter

Industrial heating can help you save money and keep your customers and staff warmer this winter. At Winrow, we specialise in providing our customers with industrial heating solutions of the highest calibre, and we are only happy when you are completely content with the service that we have provided.

We have been designing, supplying, installation and servicing industrial space heating systems for more than three decades and are able to provide solutions to heat all sorts of commercial environments, from garages and sports halls to retail units, factories and warehouses.

Comfort all year round

Our solutions keep employees warm, comfortable and therefore more productive during the colder months of the year. The solutions that we provide also ensure comfort is maximised in environments where customers can be found, helping you enhance your reputation and keeping them returning to your venue time and time again.

We can provide a fast, reliable service, with 7-day turnarounds from your initial enquiry frequently possible. We can adapt our solutions to meet your specific heating needs and are able to provide heaters for corrosive environments, localised heat, energy recovery, flammable atmospheres, outdoor heating and suspended solutions for those wishing to save floor space.

Tailored solutions available

At Winrow, we provide solutions for natural gas, oil and LPG, providing heaters from leading brands including Roberts Gordon, AmbiRad, Benson and Combat. Each system is tailored to deliver the highest standard of fuel efficiency possible, and we have even helped one customer to cut their fuel bill by a stunning 40%.

Should you already have access to your own installer, this is not a problem – we can supply heaters direct without installation. Our solutions are focussed on helping you reduce your fuel bills without compromising on comfort, even when the climate is at its most challenging.

To find out more, complete the contact form on our website or call 08000 588 035.

Why you need campsite heating

An industrial heating system could add a touch of luxury to your campsite’s pitches to attract more business all year round.

As more budget-conscious holiday makers choose to holiday at home, now is a fantastic time to own a campsite.

Here at Winrow Industrial Heating we’ve come up with six great reasons why a campsite heating system will prove to be a lucrative investment.

The rise of ‘glamping’Fire Close Up

Glamping has quickly risen in popularity as people holidaying at home look for ways to get more for their money. Offering heating to campers adds an element of the comfort and luxury that is associated with glamping to their camping experience.


England’s unpredictable weather can make pre-booking a camping trip with kids a bit of a risk.  Those with babies or very young children may be put off by the risk of very cold weather.  Being able to provide campers with campsite heating gives parents reassurance that young children will be kept comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do.

Unique selling point

Whilst many campsites offer electric hook-ups, campsite heating is far harder to come by.  Offering campers heating will give you the edge over your competitors.

More bookings during the colder months

Most campsites are fully booked during the summer months but can struggle to fill pitches during spring, autumn and winter when temperatures are far less predictable.  Offering customers campsite heating can help to encourage more bookings during the colder months.

Charge more per pitch

Giving campers the option to add heating increases the value of your pitches.

Get people talking about your campsite

Customers are more likely to talk about their experience if you’re offering something a bit different.  Get customers talking to increase awareness of your campsite both online and off.

Get in touch with our team of experts here at Winrow to find out how our industrial heating systems can increase the value of your campsite.