Commercial Heating Installation Nottingham

Commercial heating design, installation and servicing in Nottingham 

Winrow has accumulated decades of experience working in Nottingham and the surrounding area, providing quality and energy-efficient solutions for a range of commercial heating needs.We specialise in heating large spaces.

Whether you’re looking to heat small office spaces in the city centre, or warm a vast warehouse on the outskirts, we’ve got you covered.

Our team, based in Runcorn, are experts in their field and will guide you through the entire process seamlessly, from designing the best and most efficient heating system through to installing and maintaining it.

We can help you to not only stay warm in the workplace, but to save money and be energy efficient at the same time.

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Commercial heating system design and installation

We’re in our element when we’re heating large spaces and making them as energy efficient as possible. Our knowledgeable commercial heating engineers will advise you, from start to finish, during the design and installation process.

The services that we provide across Nottingham can be tailored to a huge range of buildings and personalised for specific heating needs too. We work with property and business owners, both large and small, while always priding ourselves on delivering a friendly and personable service.

We can design and install commercial heating systems for large warehouses, sports halls and arenas, huge workshops and busy factories

We can design and install commercial heating systems in all types of buildings and settings in Nottingham including:
• Warehouses
Shops & Retail Units
Gyms & Sports Halls
Our range of options allows us to work within almost any space, and we are confident we have the best and most energy-efficient solutions – whether they are traditional LPG heaters or extensive warm air heating equipment.

First, we assess the size and shape of a building or property. After that we call on our expertise to design and tailor the best heating plans that in the long run will lead to savings on your energy bill. Once everyone is happy, then our engineers get to work.

At Winrow, we make sure the process is as smooth as possible and causes as little disruption as possible.

Types of heating systems for commercial buildings

Commercial buildings in Nottingham can have wildly different heating needs, so the type of system they require will vary between each warehouse and factory. Factors that must be considered include the available space and how much of it needs to be heated, as well as budgets and building layouts.

Our knowledgeable team can advise on the best solution, and the options include:

Ambient air curtain

One of the most popular heating systems for commercial buildings is an ambient air curtain. Among largest areas where heat is lost in an industrial property is through the simple process of opening and closing doors. Every time it happens, heat can escape. An ambient air curtain essentially attempts to stop that loss by trapping air and repurposing it or sending it back into circulation.

If your warehouse or factory has large doors, then an ambient air curtain can help you to make significant savings on your energy bills. Essentially it permits you to making a more efficient use of the energy already being generated rather than having to constantly heat air around the building.

LPG heaters

Gas heaters are one of the most classic ways to warm spaces in commercial buildings. At Winrow Industrial Heating, we can provide the most efficient and up-to-date LPG heaters. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) models are some of the most environmentally friendly on the market, using LPG as their main fuel source.

They are incredibly versatile and come in a range of sizes and are great too if you don’t have a mains supply.

Radiant tubes

Radiant tubes are an attractive choice for anyone looking to warm specific areas of a building because they allow heat to be concentrated. They are also suited to properties with an outdoor area that needs to be heated, while also being wonderfully versatile, quick and easy to install as well as affordable.

Warm air heating

Warm air space heating is what we do best at Winrow, and we can present a range of warm air heating solutions to satisfy your needs.

Warm air heating systems are the most comprehensive that can be installed because they work in the same way as air-conditioning. They allow you to control the heating of your building, keeping temperatures constant.

Benefits of effective commercial heating

Nottingham can be a cold place for long periods of the year. That makes having an effective commercial heating system essential if you want to keep your workspace and premises not only warm, but also energy efficient. The benefits of an effective setup are many.

Our customers regularly report reduced energy bills, perfect not only for a company’s profit and loss ledgers, but kind to the environment too. If you’re passionate about your business in Nottingham becoming more eco-friendly, then this is a first step. Our heating systems are designed energy efficiency in mind.

While you save money, you can be safe in the knowledge that your company is contributing towards a global movement for change. You’ll also have happier staff and clients too if your premises are well-heated throughout the year. Avoid any winter chills by maintaining an ability to control the climate inside your building and respond to those unexpectedly cold days that come around in the city.

Choosing Winrow as your commercial heating installer in Nottingham

We are proud to have services available throughout the famous city of Nottingham and surrounding areas. The city of Nottingham is famous for its tales of Robin Hood as well as the cities lace making, bicycle and tobacco industries. Located in the East Midlands, Nottingham is home to two football teams, famous music venue ‘Rock City’ and thousands of students of the University of Nottingham. Our services in Nottingham cover all types of buildings and environments for installing and maintaining industrial heaters.

If you’re based in Nottingham, then Winrow Industrial Heating is the best option for your warm-air needs. Not only can we design and install the perfect commercial heating system for your business premises, we can also offer service and repair options after the job has been done. We have amassed more than 30 years’ experience and our team’s members use that know-how to assist you from the first moment you make contact.

We work only with the best systems and proven equipment, and our expertise is guaranteed to not only heat your buildings but to provide a new level of efficiency that will save you money too.

Our clients have told us they’ve seen reductions of at least 40 per cent on their bills, with many more reporting an even higher figure.

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