What is Evaporative Cooling and how does it work?

industrial evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling involves fresh, clean air being sent through an environment and can heighten comfort and productivity levels in the workplace and at home. The process sees temperatures reduced due to liquid being evaporated. Systems used for evaporative cooling can be compared to the way air moves over coastal areas where heat from the air is absorbed, resulting in a comforting and cooling sea breeze.

The comfort you require

In evaporative air conditioning, hot and dry air is pumped through pads, with the water being evaporated and the heat in the air being absorbed, resulting in air temperature drops. Fans then send the cool air through a ducting system. To make the most of such systems, you need to leave a door or a window open so the cool air can escape. All the air circulated is completely fresh, so you won’t have to worry about stale, recycled air being pushed around your home or office. The systems are designed so impurities are taken out of the air.

Air of the finest quality

Whilst some air conditioning systems can trigger asthma and allergies, these evaporative air conditioning solutions cool the air with moisture so noses, skin and eyes are not dried out. When doors and windows are left open, outdoor areas can also be cooled by the system. When the water is evaporated, energy is taken from the air, enabling temperatures to fall. When humidity falls below 100% and air starts to absorb water, evaporation is enabled. Air becomes saturated when it is no longer able to hold any more water.

Find the right solution

At Winrow Building Systems, we can cater for you if you require evaporative cooling systems for your industrial or commercial area. We have been a leading player in our field for over three decades and specialise in designing, supplying and servicing a host of industrial space heating systems. You are welcome to contact us at any point if you have any queries about the solutions that we offer. We have vast experience in proving heating and cooling solutions for all sorts of environments, including garages, warehouses, factory units and sports halls, and we always work hard to identify the perfect solution for your specific needs, every time.

A 7-day turnaround

We consistently strive to give a 7-day turnaround between your first enquiry and the solution being delivered. We supply a comprehensive range of energy products and services to customers and clients throughout the UK, enabling you to cut down energy costs without losing out on comfort or efficiency. The vast catalogue of solutions offered by Winrow include heaters with stainless steel heat exchanges, target heaters for localised heat, radiant heaters for outdoor environments and suspended heaters to help you save floor space.

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Each system we provide is tailored to give you the most fuel-efficient and reliable heating solution for your needs. To find out more about our evaporate cooling systems and other products, call today on 08000 588 035 or use the contact form on our site.

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