LPG Heating Solutions

LPG Heaters for Industrial & Commercial Use

LPG Heater Solutions for Industrial & Commercial areas

What is LPG?

LPG known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas is considered a clean and environmentally-friendly source of energy.  It is produced during natural gas processing and petroleum refining and stored in gas bottles or tanks.

There are two most common types of LPG, Butane and Propane.  It is used as a fuel for industrial and house-hold purposes and can be used in heating, cooking appliances, vehicles and industrial applications.  Although both gases are very similar, they both have advantages and disadvantages.  Butane gas evaporates at 5°C or above and is primarily used for central heating, cooking and numerous commercial applications.  Propane gas is ideal for outdoor applications, as it can still be used in sub-zero temperatures.

Why choose an LPG Heater?

If there isn’t a main gas supply to your location having LPG heating is an ideal solution.  It is accessible and readily available and can help to reduce your energy costs.  Choosing an LPG heater is an ideal alternative for many buildings and is far more effective in burning fuel cleanly as it releases a lot less emissions.

What are the advantages of LPG Heating?

  • LPG is easier to replace when compared to a standard heater.
  • Versatile and efficient source of energy allowing you to heat your home at a reduced cost.
  • Ideal solution for commercial or industrial spaces that don’t have access to gas line.
  • Environmentally friendly compared to other sources of energy.
  • LPG is easy to store and transport and can be used anywhere for an instant form of energy.
  • Compatible with many different appliances and easy to maintain.
  • Non-poisonous and safe to use.

Why choose Winrow?

Winrow provide the perfect solution!

Winrow Building Services specialise in the design supply installation and service of LPG Heating systems in commercial and industrial sectors.

We provide high performance LPG heating systems, with market-proven expertise for providing a safe and comfortable heated working environment.  Our customers have come to rely on the economy, reliability and durability of our heating solutions.

Our engineers are highly experienced and qualified, keeping up to date with the latest technology.  We deal directly with the customer, providing a professional fast and reliable service and ensuring that every installation runs smoothly, causing as little disruption as possible.  Each system is tailored design to provide the most fuel efficient and effective heating solution.

Call us now on 08000 588 035 or fill in our contact form to discuss the best heating solution to fit your requirements. Servicing Runcorn, Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales, Chester, Leeds and the surrounding areas.