Winter Warm HR Series

Gasfired, condensing unit air heater with high efficiency, in 5 capacities (40kW – 150kW).

The Winterwarm HR is a condensing heater which combines the efficiency of indirect Winterw_HRheating with energy efficiency and comfort.


  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • OpenTherm control
  • SS- heatexchanger
  • Modulating burner


The condensing unit air heater which combines efficient heating with energy savings and high comfort.

Winterwarm HR-series Characteristics Winterwarm HR:

  • High efficiency (on ECA list)
  • Energy saving (up to 25% compared to conventional heaters)
  • Stainless steel heater exchange as standard
  • Modulating burner
  • Open-therm Control

For many years now, suspended unit air heaters have been employed worldwide to heat industrial buildings. Research from the ‘Gasunie’ (NL) regarding various industrial heating systems has confirmed that direct heated gas-fired air heating is one of the most efficient heating methods.

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Technical features

Condensation discharge The HR is a condensing unit air The HR heaters can realise an output heater with axial fan.

The efficiency of 106 %. This high efficiency requi- of the heaters is more than 106%. res a condensation discharge system The premix burner allows the heater which is located at the bottom of the to modulate back to 20% of its heater.

For the installation on the maximum capacity. This implicates heater unit a siphon is supplied. Any that the heater can very precisely further required drain pipes are not adjust its heat output to the demand supplied. This means that an extra received through the room thermostat.

In general siphon or gooseneck is required to be Therefore the energy consumption is fitted before the sewage. as low as possible.
As the range of the HR-series goes up to 150 kW, a lot of (high energy can be saved by applying an system efficiency) combines efficien- Suspension HR-heater instead of a conventional The Winterwarm HR series cy, energy savings and total comfort unit air heater.

Measurements by the The HR is provided with 4 suspension control through several unique design dutch national gas institute have points M10 on top of the heater. A set characteristics.

The OpenTherm con- proven that these savings can add up of solid cantilever brackets can be trol makes it easy to operate the to 25%! heater and realise a ordered along to suspend the heater comfortable from the wall.
The heater can be The heat exchanger is made from high either suspended from these brackets, grade environment in the room. or be placed on top of them.

This sus- stainless steel and has a guarantee period of 5 years. pension set consists of 2 U-sections with 2 supports. For suspension from the ceiling threaded bar M10 can be used.

Flue terminal Controls
The installation of the combustion air The HR heaters are provided with a supply and gas OpenTherm protocol, controled by an must meet the general OpenTherm clock thermostat. This is prescriptions for high efficiency flue a low voltage clock thermostat which terminals. Winterwarm has a complete is programmable per day and can con- range of stainless steel flue terminals trol 1 heater.
Also it is provided with discharge the combustion and extra lenghts/bends available. frost protection, summer ventilation As the HR is provided with a flue position and a reset function. booster one can apply either Open Therm Thermostat a If desired, a remote sensor can be horizontal (wall) or a vertical (roof) attached so that the control can flue terminal.

The length of the flue be placed elsewhere. should not exceed 10 m taking into account that each 45˚ elbow counts as 1 m length and each 90˚ elbow counts as 2 m length.

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