Winter Warm TR Series

Winter Warm TR heater is a heavy duty gas fired unit air heater, suitable for industrial areas, which has proven to be very reliable and robust.

TR- heaters are standard provided with:winrow tr gas heater-u2525

  • electronic ignition
  • remote reset
  • modulating fan and burner control (types 10-100)
  • 1-stage fan and modulating burner (types 125-150)
  • gradient control
  • robust tubular heat exchanger
  • simple 2-wire control
  • 4 suspension points for threaded rod (M10)

Available capacities: 10 kW – 15 kW – 20 kW – 24 kW – 28 kW – 40 kW – 50 kW – 60 kW – 80 kW – 100 kW – 125 kW – 150 kW


For those searching for a “reliable cost effective” unit air heater, the Winterwarm TR is certainly the best choice. This modern air heater has all the features which are usually associated to heaters with high technical specifications, for example variable air distribution, modulating burner and fan and a very clever gradient control, all being completely maintenance friendly. The TR-range consist of 8 capacities from 20 to 100 kW.

Winterwarm Heating

Horizontal and vertical outlet

Characteristically for these types of air heaters are the S-shaped tubes forming the heat exchanger with an atmospheric gas burner. The design of the tubular heat exchanger makes it possible to tilt the air heater, so that the heater can direct the air both horizontally and vertically downwards (max. 6m.). Both the burner and fan modulate (100% to 60%), which promotes the efficient heating of the room. The room thermostat determines whether the burner is used at full or partial capacity on the basis of the difference between the actual temperature and the desired (set) temperature. In practice, this means that the heater will only operate at full capacity during the start-up period (e.g. in the morning) and will use partial capacity to maintain the room temperature for the rest of the time.

Gradient control

The heaters are also provided with a vertical gradient control (or delta T-Control). When the burner is not in use, the air heater can function as a circulation unit. A sensor in the air heater and a sensor in the room thermostat constantly measure the difference between the temperature differences between the two. Should the temperature gradient increase beyond the set value, the unit will switch on the fan and circulate the warm air. Naturally, the TR also has a summer ventilation setting.


The TR has three suspension options:
• Swiveling console ( art. no. GA. 8670 ) for mounting on walls, consisting of 2 plates and 2 lateral supports. The air heater can be placed on top of the console or suspended from it. In the first position it is possible to tilt the heater forwards from 0° to 45° to distribute air at an angle. In the second position, the device can be swivelled horizontally through 180° for placement in corners. Suitable for TR 20, TR 24 and TR 28.
• Brackets ( 8580 ) for wall mounting, consisting of 2 x 3 steel U-profiles. The heater can be placed on top of both supports and can also be suspended from them. Suitable for all types.
• Threaded rods for suspension from the ceiling. The top and back of the TR-heater is provided with M10 fastening points (for vertical suspension) in which threaded rods can be inserted. Suitable for all types. Three types of flue terminals are available for the TR series: concentric roof terminal, concentric wall terminal and 2-pipe wall terminal (types 20, 24 en 28).

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