Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Heating System at Your Commercial Property

Often businesses will wait until there is a problem with their heating before looking into replacing their current heating system. Not only is this likely to happen during Winter when your commercial property will need your heating system more than ever, but it will be extremely costly and stressful. There will however be a clear sign that your commercial heating system is reaching the end of its life, which we will be discussing here.


You may begin to notice that your system is consistently taking longer and longer to heat your space to the desired temperature as well as the heat is unevenly distributed. Not only is this a clear sign that your system may need replacing, but it will also mean your utility bills will be suffering. Broken heating systems can cause your energy bills to increase by up to 30% but with the efficiency of newer models being around 98%, upgrading your system can save you a lot of money and energy.   


Heating systems can last a long time and you will naturally become accustomed to any noise they make but when you start to hear unusual sounds, it may be time to upgrade. Any loud crashes or bangs could signify a blockage, an internal component breaking, a build-up of pressure as well as a range of other issues depending on what system you have. It is therefore imperative a qualified HVAC contractor assesses your system to see if the issue is repairable or whether you need to upgrade your system.


The age of your system will, without doubt, have a dramatic impact on its performance and efficiency. The lifespan of your system will vary depending on the make, model and type of system you have installed but when it begins to reach the end, you’ll want to look into a replacement.

Regular Breakdowns

It is never a convenient time when your heating system breaks down and once is more than enough when it comes to your commercial property. Breakdown repairs that aren’t covered by your warranty are not only costly but will generally occur in winter when you crucially need heat in your property- something your employees certainly won’t be happy about. So, when you begin to notice that your heating system is in need of repair more often than not i.e. 2-3 times a year, it may be time to think of upgrading.


Generally, dated heating systems are more prone to leaks and whilst these leaks are not great for your system and are likely to cause internal damage/ decreased efficiency, more worryingly it can cause harm within your business. Leaks put your property, business and employees as a whole at risk from floods and water damage- a cost that can be again avoided by upgrading your heating system in advance.

If your commercial heating system is showing any of these signs and you believe it may be time to upgrade your system don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Winrow, who will guide you through our range of commercial and industrial heating solutions. Contact us today on 08000 588035 for more information!

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