When to Update your Commercial Heating System

The maintenance of your commercial heating system is incredibly important and there is likely to be a time when your existing commercial heating system needs an update, or upgrade, in order for it to work efficiently.

Industrial commercial heating does not have to be complicated, however, it is important to assess whether your current system needs an overhaul.

When to Update a Commercial Heating system

Assessing the Problem

For example, a commercial premises may have an extremely old or inefficient boiler which keeps breaking down. Rather than spend money to constantly get it fixed, a better investment would be a new heating system. The older style boilers tend to be less energy efficient, which can be unreliable and result in larger energy bills. A new bespoke industrial heating system will be far more sustainable and much more energy efficient.

Efficient heating systems also rely on good quality pipework, particularly for gas boilers. It is important to have this checked as poor quality pipework or pipework that needs replacing can cause many issues. Gas leaks and burst pipes are an inconvenience and may be a sign that you need to upgrade your current pipework.

Choosing the right Upgrade

You may decide to upgrade your commercial heating to something that is more efficient for the premises. There could be an increase in staff, for example. Warm air units, which can help to maintain temperature, is a style of heating that can be very cost effective.

If you are currently faced with a broken boiler or are experiencing other maintenance issues with your industrial commercial heating system, it could be time for a change. Even if you haven’t experienced any maintenance issues, it is a good idea to check how energy efficient your current system is and its associated costs. Alternative heating systems may be far more viable and sustainable for your needs. Naturally, it will depend on the scale of the premises and whether it is for public use e.g. a department store or sports hall.

With so many cost effective systems which can help to reduce C02 emissions for businesses, it can potentially save vast amounts of money. The costs in constant call-outs for repeated issues
can add up and be a financial drain on the business in the long run.

At Winrow we supply, install and maintain a wide range of commercial and industrial heating systems. If you’re experiencing issues with your commercial heating and would like a professional opinion, please contact us now on 08000 588 035 or fill our a contact form for a free quote.

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