Why You Should Upgrade Your Warehouse Heating

Warehouses can be difficult to heat given their vast size, so you need warehouse heating that’s up to the task. If your workers have to work in cold conditions, they’ll be unhappy – and if they’re unhappy they won’t be productive so this will impact on your bottom line. If you have old heating in your warehouse or it constantly feels cold inside, now is the perfect time to consider an upgrade.

Warehouse Heating

Energy Efficiency

Older methods of heating a warehouse may not be the most energy efficient. Warehouses can be more difficult to heat than other types of buildings, leading to big heating bills. If you switch to a new warehouse heating system it will be much more energy efficient, saving you money while also helping the environment.

Coping With the Cold

During the British summer, you may not notice that your heating isn’t performing at its most efficient. However, you don’t want to be caught out when the temperatures take a sudden dip – an event that seems to occur quicker and quicker each year! Don’t wait for the bad weather to hit before you realise your heating isn’t up to the job – upgrade now so you’re fully prepared for the cold spell. Your workers will thank you for it.

Happier Employees

You may be worried about the expense of installing a new heater, but it’s an excellent return on investment in the long run. Having poor conditions in your warehouse is bad for morale. In extreme cases, it could have an impact on your workers’ health so you risk losing staff, either to ill health or them leaving to work elsewhere. By ensuring they have good, warm working conditions, they will be happier at work and therefore more productive. Which will have a very positive effect on your profits.

If your warehouse heating is in need of an upgrade, contact Winrow to discuss your warehouse heating solutions today.

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