Winterwarm’s new condensing heater gives clients savings

Winrow Ltd recently installed a new Winterwarm condensing heater for AES Pumps in HRinstallatio_250Warrington, Cheshire. .AES Pumps overhaul and repair all makes of pumps and rotating equipment, and operate from a large warehouse in the heart of Cheshire.  From discussing the client’s needs and agreeing on product, we installed the new condensing heaters from Winterwarm which uses the latest technology to reduce fuel usage. Our client has recently reported tremendous savings in heating costs for the business, and additionally enjoying an ambient and consistent warehouse temperature, which has improved work flow.

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Operating a warehouse can be a costly affair with heating being the major overhead, by using the latest condensing heaters and skilled installers you also could be making significant savings on your heating costs.
Key Factors
The key factors in choosing Winterwarm heaters were its compact design that makes
installation easier and its ability to tilt the heaters to optimise the de-stratification effect, which gives gas consumption savings to the end user.

By incorporating a suitable pump, the condensate was taken within the outer flue housing via the roof and from there into a suitable drain outlet, making the whole installation less intrusive.

The condensing heaters will give long-term savings and the client also benefitted from ECA savings, making the installation even more cost-effective.

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