The Benefits of Gas-fired Industrial Heating

Industrial heating is the key to a happier, healthier workplace. If your employees are warm and dry, they’re more likely to work efficiently and productively. Industrial heating is one of the most basic needs to ensure a successful working environment. Gas industrial heating is one of the best ways to keep your commercial property warm. Winrow offers the some of the best gas industrial heating on the market – including Winter Warm HR Series and Winter Warm XR Series gas-fired heaters. Here are just a few of the benefits of gas industrial heating…


Absolute Control

Gas-fired industrial heating usually comes equipped with temperature sensors. One is situated inside the heater itself and the other is placed in the working area. If the heater overheats then the sensor detects this immediately and the internal fan cools the heater down.  It also works the other way around – if the room gets too cold the sensor will automatically realise and turn the burner on and the heaters will emit the perfect temperature for your work space, warehouse or hall.

Complete Coverage

Winrows industrial heaters are designed to heat the entire area, rather than just a concentrated section of your warehouse, office or hall. The horizontal and vertical air distribution means heat is evenly spread across the space.

Compact and Efficient Industrial Heating

Gas-fired industrial heating is easy to install thanks to the compact design. It’s one of the most efficient and energy-saving ways to heat your workspace due to the optimised temperature control and complete coverage. Using gas to heat up a room is also one of the fastest methods – you’ll be toasty in no time!


At Winrow we know it’s important to be as energy-efficient as possible. Our gas-fired industrial heaters are much more eco-friendly compared to oil or coal-fired heaters. Gas-fired industrial heaters result in less carbon emissions, so your workspace can stay green and clean.

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