3 Reasons to Install an Air Curtain

If you’re searching for ways to save energy and cut down on costs in your warehouse heating bills, installing an air curtain is an efficient, proven example of doing just that. Large commercial warehouses are expensive to run and go through energy fast if not properly managed. It’s not easy to keep a warehouse warm and cosy but getting the temperature right is a must for your staff, customers and bank balance.

Here are three reasons why installing an air curtain in your warehouse will be a sound investment.

You’ll Save EnergyAmbient Air Curtain

If you’ve got doors that are consistently used throughout the working day, you’re losing energy each time they’re opened and closed. An air curtain is going to save you around 60–80% of that precious energy. Not only is this great for the planet, but it will stop you literally throwing money down the drain.

It Will Separate Room Temperatures

An air curtain is ideal on large warehouse doors and allows you to separate contrasting air temperatures. This will be especially useful if you have areas of the warehouse that need to remain warm. If you have a showroom with employees and visiting customers, it can act as a partition. There is barely any associated noise and it looks good on the eye. The gurney flap fitted with ambient air curtains will give a higher airspeed to the floor, which will stop cooler air from entering. This is helpful if you need to keep a room at a particular temperature due to production.

Custom Made

Every warehouse is different and installing a custom-made air curtain will give you the benefit of choice. It can be fitted vertically or horizontally, and is adjustable to any frame size.

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