Advantages & Disadvantages of Air Pump Heaters

Air Pump Heaters: Advantages & DisadvantagesHeat pumps are a system that works by pumping heat from one place to another. By using a compressor and a structure which circulates either liquid or gas refrigerant, heat from outside is extracted and pumped inside the desired area. This system can also be reversed so that in hotter months the pump can be used as an air conditioner. Air Heat pumps have become one of the most efficient alternatives to electric, fuel and oil systems in terms of heating and cooling pumps. The efficiency of this system can reach up to 300% with it being able to supply more heating and cooling power than the amount of electricity used to run it.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to having heat pump heaters installed but it is important to consider them all before making your decision.

The Advantages of Air Heat Pumps

  • As already mentioned, air pump heaters are much cheaper to run than gas and oil systems.
  • They are much more environmentally friendly and can drastically reduce your company’s carbon emissions with an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat.
  • In terms of combustion, air heat pumps are much safer than gas and oil systems.
  • They can switch between being either a heating or cooling system.
  • They are extremely reliable systems and will provide a steady source of heat
  • Unlike combustion heating systems air heat pumps are very low maintenance
  • Despite the initial high cost, it has a lifespan of up to 50 years

The Disadvantages of Air Pump Heaters

  • They can be difficult to install as well as understanding where to install it in terms of the heat movement and requirements which means you will likely need to find a company who specialises in this.
  • Typically, air heat pump systems can be quite costly to purchase and install.
  • They are not carbon neutral because they still require energy to run
  • Depending on where you are in the UK you may need special permission to install an air heat pump.

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