Advice when Heating a Workshop

workshop heating adviceA recent study in the US found that the average warehouse environment utilises an average 6.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per square foot annually. 76% of the total fuel costs for heating large scale workshops are as a result of lighting and heating. With energy costs typically accounting for 15% of a workshops operating budget and fuel prices being unpredictable; there has never been a more crucial time to become a more efficient business in the reduction of heat loss.

Whilst there are technological advances in preventing heat loss within a workshop through insulation advancements, experienced professionals have questioned its validity. Particularly for a workshop or warehouse that regularly has its doors open. It is recommended to include insulation within your working environment, however it is near useless with the sheer heat loss through large delivery doors. Thus bespoke products have been developed and tested to ensure you no longer pay significant bills for minimal operating costs.

Specialist workshop heating companies such as Winrow Ltd have developed products such as the ‘Ambient Air Curtain’ that decreases your total energy loss by between 60% and 80%. This product works by being installed behind a door that regularly opens and closes, with a high
penetration of air volume being pushed towards the ground acting as a curtain of air and preventing the cooler air from outside from reaching the workshop.

With the Ambient Air Curtain product at Winrow Ltd, not only is the warmer air separating the contrasting fronts from the inside and outside, but the bespoke design will transport the rising warmer air throughout the workshop itself. An addition to boost productivity within the workshop, improving working conditions for all.

For further advice or queries you may have regarding heating solutions for your workshop, contact Winrow Ltd today to test the knowledge of their experienced industry professionals. Find them online or call 08000 588 035.

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