Benson Heating Solutions

Winrow Industrial Heating provides installations, repairs,  servicing and  replacements of Benson Heaters in the North West.  Servicing Runcorn, Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales, Chester, Leeds and the surrounding areas in England.

Benson Heating Solutions

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Benson Heaters

Benson Heating is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial heating equipment and is owned by Ambirad, who acquired Benson in 2014.

Manufactured at the Ambirad plant, Benson produce a range of energy efficient heaters such as natural gas, LPG, oil fired and more.

Winrow are able to supply and install Benson heaters for you and your company and your desired location. Our expert engineers will carry help you choose the heater for your needs and carry out the installation.

Benson Heaters can be used in various settings including, but not limited to:

They have such versatility due to them providing a range of heaters such as gas fire and warm air.

Industrial & Commercial Benson Heaters

We fit and install a range of energy efficient industrial heaters in as well as replace Benson heaters in a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings including factories, warehouses and showrooms with heaters that can boast a 94% efficiency rating, saving your company money and keeping your employees happy.  We ensure that the ideal solution is adapted to each situation.

Our selection of heating systems are energy efficient and are installed in a diverse set of market sectors.  The Winrow solutions use innovative heat recovery techniques to deliver a consistent and balanced working environment.  If your current heating setup needs upgrading or is no longer fit for purpose we can provide an alternative solution that can fully replace your old system and be tailored to fit your buildings requirements.

Whether you’re using a Radiant heater, Suspended heater, Cabinet heater, Floor standing heater, Condensing warm air heater or Ducted heater running on LPG, Oil or Gas we can tailor your new system to be fully compatible.  From radiant heating, and gas heaters to electric heaters we have the solution for you.

If you need a heater for your industrial or commercial building or are looking to replace an outdated Benson heater then contact us on 08000 588 035 for a free quotation.

What are the benefits of Benson Heaters?

The Benson brand has a reputation for innovation with the design of their heaters. This creates cost efficient, energy saving heating solutions for a range of commercial and industrial spaces.

Benson’s product range is extensive with a variety of units to cover all types of needs. Benson ensures these products are created with quality to guarantee their heaters are durable and reliable.

Many of Benson’s heaters can be installed internally or externally by Winrow. With such an extensive range, we can help you decide on the right type of heater for your needs, to save you the trouble of extensive research.

Some more advantages of Benson heaters are:

Benson Heater Example

  • Reduced running costs. Savings of over 30% can be achieved.
  • Effective heat distribution within buildings to achieve optimum temperatures.
  • Compact reliable units that provide a range of heating options i.e. heating only, heating and ventilation, or heating and cooling.
  • Zone heating meaning only using a fraction of the energy to ensure that only those parts of the building being used are heated.

Why choose Winrow for a Benson heater?

Winrow can provide the perfect solution for your heating requirements with Benson Heaters!

Winrow Building Services specialise in the design, supply, installation and service of industrial space heating systems. We have experience in replacing a large number of heating brands including Benson heaters.

We provide high performance heating systems, with market-proven expertise for providing comfortable and safe heated working environments.  Our customers have come to rely on the economy, reliability and durability of our products.

Our engineers are highly experienced and qualified, keeping up to date with the latest technology.  We deal directly with the customer, providing a professional fast and reliable service and ensuring that every installation runs smoothly, causing as little disruption as possible.  Each heating system is tailored design to provide the most fuel efficient and effective heating solution.

Call us now on 08000 588 035 to discuss the best heating solution to fit your requirements.