Industrial Heating for Campsites

Whatever the season, when it starts to get dark all outdoor spaces can get a little cold – even in the summer, which is why it is important to know the options available for heating a campsite. Whilst freestanding Radiant patio heaters have always been a popular option, they can quickly become less and less cost efficient, especially for large areas. There are however, a range of other industrial heating options that are much more cost- and energy-efficient for your campsite in the long term.

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LPG- Liquefied Petroleum Gas

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One of the most environmentally conscious options available is LPG heating, also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas. This energy source is considered to be one of the cleanest and environmentally-friendly options available. It is a fuel type that can have both industrial and household applications whether it is for cooking, heating or otherwise.  The two most common types of LPG are Butane and Propane, but for a campsite, it would be recommended to use Propane gas as it can still be used in sub-zero temperatures. These heaters are well adapted to outdoor space as they don’t require a mains gas supply and they can be easily transported. Safety at any campsite is also always a priority and with LPG being a safe and non-poisonous gas, you never have to worry about the safety of those on the site.

Radiant Tubes

Outdoor radiant tubes are another widely popular option for heating outdoor spaces, particularly in campsites. Radiant tube eating works in a similar way to how the sun’s rays impact the Earth; these rays are able to transmit heat directly onto people, surfaces and objects in the area it is directed. These all then release this heat via convection to the surrounding air which in turn heats the directed area as a whole. One of the attractions of this heating is that when turned on, the effects are felt immediately as a direct and comfortable heat is emitted. Then, when the heater is turned off, the heat can be retained for long periods of time, even in colder outdoor environments. Radiant Tubes are not only energy efficient, but they also are ideally suited for areas with excessive ventilation i.e. outside in the campsite.

Warm Air Heating

Another industrial heating option campsites can choose to use is Warm Air Heating. This heating option is both cost- and energy-efficient and works by funnelling the outside air through a heat exchange and pushing it back into the air increasing the overall temperature of the room. Hot air will be distributed evenly throughout the space so that a consistently comfortable environment is created with no one area being particularly cold. One of the main reasons that this heating system is so popular is because you are given the option to have gas, electric and oil-based air heaters which means if you don’t have access to a gas or electric outlet in your site you can always use oil. However, it is likely you would need a few of these heaters around your desired space to evenly heat your campsite.

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