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Motor Range

Motor Range were expanding into a temporary building as they redeveloped their old site. Motor Range are a used car dealership based in Liverpool. They contacted Winrow to provide a heater solution for both buildings. After a site survey, it was decided to install a natural gas XR60 at both sites. These compact heaters are modern and attractive in design. They are also energy efficient and can achieve a 15% saving over conventional heaters. The installation was carried out with minimal disruption to the daily operation of the garage.

Motor Range


Dianese, a Manchester-based motorbike clothing and accessories store, contacted Winrow Building Services as their current heating system had failed and they needed it replacing. It was decided the best option was an XR60 and to relocate the heater to provide a better air distribution throughout the shop. Winrow were able to coordinate with staff to reduce any disruption to the business and were able to install the heater without the store having to close. After installation, it was decided with the client to set the temperature to 21 degrees during the shops’ opening hours, and these were installed on the DB8 time clock which is password protected.


Branches Warrington

Winrow Building Services Limited were contacted by a furniture store in Warrington called Branches. This job was a replacement and removal of an old gas-fired water-based fan coil system. As the store was over two floors, it was decided to install two XR30s, one on each floor. These heaters were chosen due to their unobtrusive design. The installati0on was carried out over two separate occasions due to the client’s request. The engineers were able to carry out these installations with minimal disruption and were able to work around both the client and the customers.

Branches Warrington

Prestige Granite & Marble Limited

Prestige Granite & Marble Limited are a Liverpool based company who are the North West’s largest granite and quartz worktop manufacturer. Winrow Building Services Limited were contacted to supply heating to their showroom as they previously did not have a system. It was decided to install an XR60 due to its compact design and will be used to pre-heat the showroom so that potential customers would be warm and comfortable. The installation was carried out with great care due to the fragility of the items on display in the showroom and was completed on schedule.

Prestige Granite & Marbled Limited

Autoroll UK

Autoroll UK contacted Winrow Building Services Limited in March 2018, to provide a replacement heating solution for their industrial roller door production facility based in Washington. The existing heating system had failed many years previous. It was deemed that the heaters should be relocated to provide better air distribution around the factory and provide more heat to the main working area. Two XR50 Gas heaters were installed in a vertical position blowing straight down onto the workforce and recovering latent heat in the roof  The installation utilised the existing services from the old heaters. The old roof penetrations were sealed, and the installation was completed in two days. Client training was carried out with the factory managers and all installation manuals and certificates were emailed to the client.

Autoroll UK Heating Installation

Asco Engineering Skelmersdale

Asco Engineering provide CNC services to the oil and gas industry. When they moved into their new premises in Skemersdale they tasked Winrow Building Services to provide a heating solution for the building. Three XR50 gas fired warm air units where installed to provide even heat distribution throughout. The units provide 150KW of output and run at 95% efficiency.

Asco Skelmersdale Heating Installation

BMR Racing Buntingford

Scott & Scott made an enquiry into possible heating solutions for their newly built race car production facility based in Hertfordshire. They required an extremely efficient system due to their rural location and the fuel source available being LPG. The desired temperature was 21 degrees in the main garage and 16 degrees in the storage areas.

Winrow Building Services advised that the main area should be heated via XR gas fired warm air units. These provide superb heat distribution and heat recovery. The decision was made to install three units to ensure system reliability.

For the storage areas a radiant tube provided cheaper running costs and delivered heat at the required temperature, even when the roller door was open for delivery of goods. These units deliver heat via radiation not convection therefore it is not required to have air movement within the building thus reducing the noise output of the unit.

BMR Racing Heating Installation

Classic Screens Runcorn

Winrow Building Services was ask to provide a heating solution for Classic Screen which is a printing workshop in Runcorn.

The existing building had cast iron radiators throughout, however, the boiler was so inefficient and the system so old it was decided to install three Winrow gas fired warm air units, these units had to be room sealed due to the chemicals used in the clients manufacturing processes.

Each heater provides heat to a specific area that is controlled through our DB8 controller which provides time and temperature control along with fault diagnostics.

Classic Screens Heating Installation

Maztech Engineering St Albans

Maztech Engineering contacted us because they had recently moved into new premises in St Albans, which required a heating system as none existed. We Installed an XR30 into the workshop to provide heat into the production area.

The whole installation took less than one day. Winrow Building Services carried out all aspects of the work completed, including gas installation, electrical and roof penetration.

The XR30 provided excellent heat distribution and once the industrial unit was up to temperature the gas consumption is reduced to maintain the desired temperature. This is all carried out by our intelligent controller, which includes a seven day timer, multiple temperature control, anti-tamper lock, fault diagnostics and smart heat recovery.

Maztech Engineering Heating Installation

MC Contracts Melksham

MC contracts in Melksham enquired to see if we could heat their workshop. This was primarily used as a joiners shop which had not been heated for over 10 years. We installed an XR30 Gas fired warm air heater to deliver some warmth to the industrial unit. The heater was installed on a wall bracket, the flue was room sealed and all gas and electrical work were carried out by Winrow engineers. The installation took one day from start to finish.

The XR 30 can modulate down to compensate for rising room temperatures, thus allowing less gas consumption and over production of heat in the factory area. The heater is also 95% efficient in the combustion of gas.

MC Contracts Heating Installation

Nick Whales Evesham

The Nick Whales showroom in Evesham sell prestige cars and luxury motor homes. After moving into their new premises heating the showroom became a necessity.

After the consultation, it was decided to install 3 XR30 LPG gas warm air units alongside 3 roller door air curtains to prevent heat loss when cars are driven in and out of the building.

The system is used to heat the building rapidly before a viewing appointment. The units are controlled via our multi functional controller with time and temperature options and fault diagnosis.

Nick Whales Heating Installation

Synseal UK

Synseal UK approached Winrow Building Services to tender for the heating system at their newly acquired premises in Derbyshire.

The factory had to maintain 21 degrees 24 hours a day to protect the product and help the production process.

We installed 12 XR60 LPG gas fired warm air heaters to deliver heat to the area. These units were wall mounted to save floor space and distribute the heat better. A heat recovery package was also installed this consisted of 16 destratifcation fans and 2 roller shutter air curtains to minimise heat loss through the roller door operations.

Synseal Heater Solution

Treabon Garden Center Blackpool

Treabon Garden Center of Blackpool had a Powrmatic Heater which had a cracked heat exchanger and needed replacement.

Winrow Building Services carried out the Installation of 2 XR30 gas warm air heaters because of their modern aesthetics and high performance output for their relativity compact size.

The unit installed in the restaurant provided a area where customers felt comfortable and warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months thanks to the fan cooling function built in to the controller. The units were wired into the existing control unit as well, and operate in tandem with existing units throughout the garden center.

Treabon Garden Center Heater in Blackpool

Blease Engineering in Warrington

WBS were contacted by Blease Engineering in Warrington to provide a quotation to repair or replace a traditional radiant tube heating system for their engineering workshop currently running at 70% efficiency.

It was decided that due to the low efficiency, roof height and machinery obstructions, a much better and more efficient alternative would be to install a warm air heater operating at 94%, to provide an overall ambient temperature all around the building.

Winrow installed a 50kw natural gas warm air unit, which modulates down by 60% once room temperature is achieved, this can create savings of up to 30% on fuel bills. The installation took one day and was just in time for the snow!

Blease Engineering Warrington Heater

Control Valves Solutions of Aberdeen

Control Valves Solutions of Aberdeen purchased a heater from our online store, then requested installation. The unit fitted was a 30kw compact to provide heat to the paint preparation area, this was to allow the specialist paint to adhere to the products correctly, by keeping the metal at the set temperature.

6 months later CVS contacted us again, due to their business expanding they required an additional heater for the same process in another part of the building. Within a week the heater was installed and the installation was carried out without any interruption to their business.

The heaters ran on natural gas at 94% efficiency and can modulate down by 60% to save on running costs.

Control Valves Aberdeen Heater

Bent Street Properties

Bent Street properties contacted us to provide a quotation to one of their retail units in Cheetham Hill Manchester, we were involved in the very early planning stages of the fit out and could provide advice on size and location of heaters to maximise the efficiency of the system.

The installation was carried out during the construction phase so we altered our normal service to work around the other tradesmen allowing time to finish different stages of construction. We installed 4 heaters in total a 2x20kw, 30kw and a 40kw with individual control, these heaters can reduce their output to save on energy costs.

They also operate at 94% combustion efficiency which in total can save approx 20% over and above traditional warm air heaters.

Bent Street Properties Heater
Bent Street Properties Heating Solution

Floorskills Training

Floorskills training centre of Solihull, provide training to installers in the flooring industry, it is located in a modified industrial unit providing a large open work area, this created a problem for the centre as the glues used do not bond in cold temperatures, some products become unworkable at these temperatures and most importantly the students comfort needed to be a priority.

We provided a full four classroom system with individual control for each LPG fuelled heater that heated the centre to 21 degrees, there were four compact units fitted in total, one was fitted to accommodate the future installation of a mezzanine floor.

Due to the nature of the glues being used the appliances had to be room sealed this allows combustion air from outside to be supplied direct to the burner chamber and exhausted to outside, preventing ignition of flammable substances within the building.

The units operate independently of each other giving flexibility within each workshop, running cost were reduced by a staggering 80% on the electric heating system being previously used and the unit was warmer achieving temperature in approx. 30 minutes.

Floorskills Training Heater
Floorskills Training Heating Solution

Glyngary Warrington

Glyngary Contacted us to install 2x Oil Fired Cabinet heaters in their new joinery workshop in Warrington. The installation consisted of the heaters, tanks, oil line and ducted outlets to separate areas.
The location of the heaters was critical to aid airflow to all areas and not obstruct the workforce or machinery. Oil was the main fuel used on the estate and provided a reliable source for Glyngary. The heaters run independently through time and temperature control the client can also override this and use a boost facility.

The installation took just over a week and was commissioned in time for handover.

Glyngary Warrington Heater
Glyngary Warrington Heating Solution

Pullmans UK London

This project for Pullmans UK consisted of truck service and inspection garage located in West Thurrock, Winrow was contracted by Walker Adamson Ltd to install the Oil Fired cabinet heaters and associated ductwork. The system provides heat to all areas throughout the garage via ducted outlets, including the DVLA inspection Bay which was classed as EX atmosphere.

The system had interlocks and dampers for control and safety and special measures where taken to provide fresh air into the building. The system took 2 weeks to install working with and around contractors, and was completed on time for handover to the client.

Pullmans UK HeaterPullmans UK Heating Solution

Ronald Jager Oldham

Ronald Jager contacted us to deliver a specifically designed heating system for his dance school in Oldham. Winrow building services involvement at a very early stage of this renovation allowed the system to be designed so as to maximise its efficiency.

Four heaters were installed in three studios, heat up periods where reduced due to the heater’s location recirculating high-level heat that would be otherwise wasted. The heaters were ordered in a white finish to blend in with their surroundings.

The compact units provide better gas consumption over traditional heaters and also operate with smart controls allowing the heaters to rev down as the room temperature is approached these all contribute to 30% saving over a traditional warm air heater.

Ronald Jager Heater

Sapphire mixed martial arts center Huyton

Sapphire mixed martial arts centre chose to expand to an industrial unit in Huyton, Liverpool. We were approached to install an LPG warm air heater to the main training area. We advised the best place for the heater would be above the changing rooms re-utilising the latent heat.

The installation was carried out in one day with a return visit to commission. The client has full time and temperature control, allowing hotter training sessions for the more experienced fighters. The heater was unobtrusive and matched the clean modern look of the gym.

Short heat up and full burner modulation when room temperature is achieved produce savings of up to approx 40%.

Sapphire Martial Arts Heating Solution

Southport and Birkdale squash club

Winrow was approached by Southport and Birkdale squash club on the recommendation of a previous squash court installation Liverpool cricket club. The existing squash court heating was provided by two radiators run off a boiler, this was a hugely inefficient method of heating the whole building which was generally left on to achieve the desired temperature.

Our solution was to install 2x 20kw compact units to provide near-instant heat up periods to each court reducing the amount of time players needed to warm up the ball. Another feature we also integrated into the system, allowed the heaters to be token operated along with the existing court lights, this meant the courts were unmanned and no supervision was required.

The heaters do not interfere with play and the players can work up a sweat, apparently the hotter the better.

Squash Club Heating Solution

Volkswagen Warrington

Volkswagen Warrington contacted us to survey their existing Coyrayvac system, a continuous Radiant tube around the garage. We advised that due to the age of the system and capital cost to replace non-functional burners and system fan, an ideal replacement would be to install 2x 60kw warm air units, capable of modulating down to 37kw.

As the garage had speed curtains on all the main doors and cars would be in and out all day, the system was designed to heat up before opening time and then hold a low ambient temperature. The installation was carried out in the afternoon to late evening when the garage was at its quietest to minimise disruption of production.

The installation took 3 days to complete.

Volkswagen Warrington Heating Solution

Repclif Chemicals

In February 2012 Repclif Chemicals requested a quotation from us to provide heat to their newly constructed factory unit in Crewe. The insulation values were very high, due to this it was decided that a 40kw unit was sufficient for the space, this model can reduce its output to 24kw when the room temperature is approaching the set value.

Due to the nature of Repclif’s business, the appliance had to be room sealed this allows combustion air from outside to be supplied direct to the burner chamber and exhausted to outside, preventing ignition of flammable substances within the building.

Repclif approached us later on the same year to have another heater installed in the storage warehouse adjacent to their unit. This was to provide frost protection for stock, both installations were completed in one day.

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Repclif Chemicals HeaterRepclif Chemicals Heating Solution