Cheapest Way To Heat A Showroom

Whether you’re in the business of cars, motorbikes, RVs, even quad bikes, creating a toasty and inviting showroom can prove tricky. It’s costly, and if you don’t know the tips and tricks, you can really run up a bill. Let’s talk about it!

Why So Expensive?

Unfortunately, the cost of producing enough energy to heat a commercial building is only increasing as the years go by. Informed by the industry experts, we don’t expect this trend to change, but certainly know how to help.

Energy prices are increasing in general, so the heating of any business is a costly expenditure, but when the intention is to have room for several vehicles (or other items) on display, you need room for customers to walk around uninhibited.

Keeping a huge, open space warm is not a simple task, given the thousands of square feet of floor space and higher than average ceilings, which are not at all useful features when trying to properly warm a room and keep it that way.

Difficulties In Heating

There are many reasons why a showroom can be more difficult to heat:

  • Existing heating systems that were installed previously aren’t up to the task of providing enough warmth – you may need an upgrade!
  • As a large, open space, often utilizing loading bays or regularly opening and closing doors, drafts can occur frequently, so maintaining a naturally ambient temperature can be near impossible.
  • Dirty, clogged filters and vents can not only reduce your air quality, but prevent a proper flow of air and cause a blockage in your system, preventing the distribution of heat in certain areas or altogether.
  • Air heaters may be struggling against the movements of natural convection currents – the system could struggle to distribute heat evenly, making the task of providing warmth throughout the whole area more arduous.
  • Keeping an open plan floor space is especially important in a showroom, which limits the areas that heaters can be positioned and often means they are placed much farther away than you’d like them

Best Showroom Heater

Using the latest and greatest in heat production and recovery technology, we promise to provide the perfect solution for any showroom, no matter your requirements, with one of our specifically designed heating solutions.

Here at Winrow, we have a broad catalogue of heating solutions, each intended for use specifically in showroom settings. Designed to work with greater efficiency in larger spaces, we’ll bet they’re a considerable upgrade on your current system.

For heavy duty showroom heating, look no further than the hard wearing and robust Winter Warm TR Series, designed to be dependable no matter how huge the heating space is. Looking for a cost effective, reliable solution? You just found it.

Our Winter Warm XR Series has innovative air heating technology that’s bang up to date. Smaller and sleeker with far more potential applications, these heaters are more than capable of heating in contemporary, industrial or commercial settings.

Prefer a gas heater? The Winter Warm HR Series utilises gas fired condensing air units that have incredible efficiency, offering all of the power of indirect heating with the energy saving comfort of a more modern offering.

Having worked across the whole of the UK installing heating systems, you can clearly see we are a reputable company providing solutions that work. If you don’t believe us, hear from fellow customers first-hand in our case studies!

No matter if you have a cabinet, floor standing, condensing or suspended heater, or utilize a ducted system fueled by oil, gas or LPG, we’ll be able to replace your existing installation and successfully reduce your overall energy consumption costs.

Manufacturers we can upgrade or replace include:

  1. Ambirad
  2. Benson
  3. Combat
  4. Harry Taylor
  5. Powrmatic
  6. Roberts Gordon
  7. Reznor
  8. Winterwarm

Don’t worry if yours isn’t listed, as this is just a guideline. To find out more about the services we provide, as well as the full spectrum of heaters available, simply contact us directly for a free consultation.

If you’d like to check them out now, you can find a complete list of our product inventory!

How Can Expert Advice Help?

You might be wondering if we can really change your showroom running experiences as drastically as we suggest. What sort of improvements can you expect to see?
We consider ourselves experts on the subject, so if you choose to invest in us:

  • Perhaps the most impressive claim is that you could be saving yourself up to a whopping 30% on your heating bills, as well as additional savings on capital expenditure by upgrading to one of our systems.
  • Not only will your showroom heat up faster and more efficiently, it will also create a better working environment for your staff. A warmer worker is a happier worker, thereby improving their overall morale and rate of productivity.
  • Rest assured that you’ll have complete system backup in the event a heater should fail, as well as the complete protection of our intelligent, passcode-entry control system for total peace of mind.
  • Rest assured that you’ll have complete system backup in the event a heater should fail, as well as the complete protection of our intelligent, passcode-entry control system for total peace of mind.
  • As we use smaller fans, our heating systems are far quieter than competing models, and also offer improved cooling facilities when switched over to fan mode in the summer. It’s effectively air conditioning and heating, all in one.
  • If you’re sick of looking at your old, bulky, noisy heating system, regain wall and floor space by upgrading to a shiny new one, which also has the added benefit of reducing your building’s overall carbon footprint. Every little helps!

Want to hear more ways we can save money and provide an environmentally friendly solution? Just give us a call now at 0800 0588 035 for some free expert advice, competitive prices and 100% effective solutions.

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