Why Is It Difficult to Keep a Warehouse Properly Heated?

At Winrow, we’re experts when it comes to heating a wide range of commercial environments. With a variety of high-end products specifically available for these locations, we’re able to advise on and install the best technology for the job.

Warehouses are often complex environments when it comes to heating and sustaining a reasonable working temperature. Here’s why it can be difficult keeping your warehouse heated.

The Size of the Space

In the vast majority of cases, warehouses are large, open spaces that are more difficult and more costly to heat than smaller rooms or offices. Along with the size of the space, comes the size of openings – often large doors for vehicles and equipment will be opened at frequent intervals, providing an easy escape for all of that warm air and making it hard to maintain a constant temperature.

The Materials Used in Warehouse Construction

Warehouses are often metal structures and, due to the intended use of the building, they’re subject to different regulations when it comes to things like insulation. This often means that the heat you put into the space is more likely to leak out than in a domestic or retail setting, making a huge impact on your bills and carbon footprint.

The Placement of Internal Fixings

Large, tall structures, such as aisle racking and storage units can impact the flow of warm air around the space, meaning areas can become blocked from the heat source(s). Zoning can play a part in the heating for your warehouse space, especially if you have an area that’s more populated by workers. For example, it may be more important for a manual packing area to be heated more than storage space.

Each warehouse is unique. Here at Winrow, we have a range of warehouse heating solutions for you to choose from. Contact us to see how we can keep your warehouse heated, and improve your heating bills.

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