Energy consumption – we must all do our duty!

Towards the end 2012, the UK government released radical plans which will change the way that energy is consumed in the UK forever. The target date is 2030 and the plan is to reduce energy consumption by 10%.

The Plan To Reduce Energy Consumption

A 10% reduction is estimated to save the UK around £4 billion and reduce our use of carbon by approximately 4.5 mega tonnes. This is the equivalent of 5 power stations!energy_chart_gallery-289457

What it means to me and you is that the government is expecting all of us to do our duty, whether we are business owners, industrial users or just home owners. We are all expected to play our part in reducing energy consumption and we are being specifically targeted to do so.

What Incentives Has the Government Put In Place?

In order to achieve such a radical plan the government realises that there needs to be incentives and there are a variety of plans in place to make this happen. Here are some of those plans:

• Financial incentives to have energy efficient items in the home such as energy saving light bulbs. Each kilowatt of energy saved to be rewarded by a payment/reduction in bill.
• Financial incentives for businesses to replace old and inefficient equipment with energy saving items such as lighting, motors and pumps.
• Customers to get a cheaper tariff for low carbon electricity usage
• Alternative storage methods for energy in the home or within a locality. The use of household central heating to be controlled remotely and demand reduced.

These are just some of the major changes that lie ahead that the UK government is banking on to make us a world leading country in energy saving and energy efficient products.

Because of the UK’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels if we don’t do anything then there is a strong likelihood that power cuts will become a big part of our future and nobody wants that!

The move to a lower carbon economy will have a significant effect on the demand for ‘green’ jobs with renewable technologies such as wind, solar and biomass being at the forefront.

At Winrow Building Services we also like to be at the forefront of technological changes – our customers expect that of us. We are specialists in the commercial market and we aim to reduce our clients’ energy costs while maintaining the same level of comfort that is needed.

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