Factory Heating Solutions

Why do you need factory heating?

Staying comfortable at work is paramount for workers, as the less you enjoy being there, the less productive you’re going to be. You spend a large part of your day every day in work, so of course you don’t want to be shivering while trying to get on with your job. Couple this with the Workplace Temperatures set by the government, which dictate that manual labour environments should have a minimum temperature of 13ºC or 16ºC for an office setting, along with fresh and clean air, demonstrates why you need Winrow’s factory heating systems.

Why choose Winrow when heating your Factory?

factory heating from winrow At Winrow we understand the issues in trying to heat a large industrial space. Factories are notoriously difficult to heat and establishing a consistent ambient temperature can be an issue for the best of heating systems.

Energy costs to heat a factory have steadily increased in recent years, and most industry experts agree we will continue to see energy costs set historic records for years to come.

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The good news is that at Winrow, we have pioneered a solution to the age old problem of heating factories and have a track record of working with companies throughout the UK helping them not only keep a consistent working temperature in their factory but also to significantly reduce their heating costs. Take a look at our Case Studies to view some examples of our past work.

The Winrow solution makes use of the latest and most innovative heat recovery techniques to deliver a comfortable and balanced working temperature to any factory setting. We’ve helped businesses achieve savings of over 30% on typical heating expenses.

If your factory suffers from inconsistent heating issues or heat loss then one of our bespoke factory heater systems can help overcome these problems, whilst saving you money.

Just look at the benefits of one of our systems;

  • Up to 30 % saving on running costs as well as capital cost saving
  • A better working environment for your factory staff boosting morale and productivity
  • Faster heat up time from cold
  • Excellent heat recovery from high level to central work zone
  • Much better ambient heat distribution inside building
  • Smaller fans mean it generates far less noise
  • System back up in the event of a heater failure
  • Better cooling facility in Summer fan mode
  • Free up wall and floor space
  • Our Heaters have pass-code protected intelligent controls
  • High volume air movement preventing thermal stagnation and reducing thermal transfer through the building fabric
  • Reduction in your building carbon footprint

Can Winrow replace an existing Factory Heater?

Yes, We’ll assess your individual requirements and suggest the best course of action.  Whether you’re installing heating in your factory for the first time or looking to replace or upgrade an existing system, we can provide advice and install a new heating system to be as efficient as possible.

If you currently have a fully integrated heating system but need to upgrade then don’t worry, a Winrow system will fully replace your existing set up and reduce both capital and ongoing running costs.

What Factory Heaters do Winrow offer?

Take a look at our heating solutions designed specifically to cater for factory environments with high efficiency for large spaces. For a full list of our products click here.

Winter Warm TR SeriesWinrow TR Factory Heater

Suitable for industrial areas including factories, this heavy duty unit air heater has proven to be reliable and robust for any circumstance. Perfect for those who value reliability and a cost effective heating solution.

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Winter Warm XR SeriesWinrow XR Factory Heater

The current innovation in air heating technology in the industry today. Features reduced dimensions and numerous application possibilities this heater is equipped to take on modern, industrial and commercial structures.

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Winter Warm HR SeriesWinrow HR Factory Heater

Gas-fired, condensing unit air heater with high efficiency. Combining the efficiency of indirect heating with comfort and energy efficiency.

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For a full list of the services and heaters we offer contact us for a free quote. We’ll find the ideal solution for your factory.

How do I get the benefits of a Winrow Factory Heating Solution?

To find out how we can help you save money on your heating and provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly and efficient replacement, simply call us today on 0800 0588 035 and let us find the right solution/s to your factory heating problems.

Factory Heating from Winrow