Get prepared for winter with industrial heaters

It’s getting to that time of year when it’s still dark when you get up and dark when you come home and the only glimpse of daylight you see is when you nip out and get your sandwiches at lunchtime. And if you bring a packed lunch you might not even get to see that!

The last thing you want as winter starts to kick in is going to a workplace that is cold, uninviting and bleak so you owe it your workforce to give them some decent heating and make them comfortable.

This is where Winrow can help you. We are specialists in all aspects of industrial heating and we can help you find the right type of heating system for your circumstances.

Our Winter Warm TR, XR and HR series are ideal for modern industrial and commercial buildings and their compact size makes them perfect for areas where space might be limited. These gas-fired unit air heaters are easy to install, maintain and operate and they offer great heating efficiency.

Our radiant heating systems are also well suited to large industrial units and they are capable of heating an area quicker and for longer periods of time. The radiant tube can be switched on as and when it is needed and the heat is felt almost immediately.

Radiant heating is highly efficient because it can switched off well before the end of the working day and still provide adequate heat to keep everybody comfortable and happy.

Whether it’s gas-fired unit air heaters or radiant heating you can be rest assured that both will keep your industrial units warm this winter. To find out more about our industrial heating systems and the service we can offer you then please contact us now and speak to one of our specialist team. We’d be happy to help you.

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