Heating Your Sports Hall or Gym

Sports Gym with Winrow XR Heater

At Winrow, we specialise in heating large industrial spaces. But when you think of such areas, sports halls and gyms may not immediately spring to mind. For those who use them though, such spaces are notoriously difficult to heat.

Warm Up

With energy costs persistently rising, maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature for exercising can be a particularly difficult and expensive task.

This is made so much more difficult in an area where floor space is key. After all, heat rises, so if we place heaters at ceiling level, it requires a lot of extra energy in order for it to be comfortable for customers wearing shorts and vests below.

Raising the Bar

Here at Winrow, we’ve got the solution to this problem. We have a track record of providing such heating in large open spaces.

So how do we do it? Our solution is to use innovative heat recovery techniques to deliver a consistent, balanced environment, resulting in significant cost savings over conventional heating. We use smaller, quieter fans, allowing us to free up floor space, whilst keeping high volume air movement throughout the hall. This avoids air stagnation and allows for warming in winter and cooling in summer.

We design bespoke systems to suit the environment we’re heating, so whether you’re designing a new facility or simply improving an existing one, we can provide the best solution.

Pulling Our Weight

Winrow has been working in the commercial heating sector for over thirty years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide safe, efficient heating for any large space, and offering a reliable design, supply, and installation service.

To find out more about how we can provide your sports hall with an efficient, cost-effective heating system that will leave a warm comforting glow on the faces of your customers, get in touch with us at Winrow Ltd or call us on 0800 0588 035.

For more information on the kind of heaters we install and to find the right solution for you visit our sports hall heating solutions page.

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