How much does an air curtain sensor cost?

An air curtain sensor is built into the unit of an air curtain. When any motion is detected near the unit this sensor will activate and encourage it to start.

What is an air curtain?

An air curtain is positioned directly above a door and works by blowing air to the other side as it opens to form a seal. This seal then creates two environments. Traffic can pass through and as the seal is clear, it will not affect the view of those who look out of the door. They are often used by businesses to keep conditioned air inside the building and particles of dirt and debris out.

The unit of an air curtain is equipped with a fan that forces the air downwards. For the duration of time that it is functioning, it will project a continuous flow of air and will maintain the interior temperature in the room by allowing the cool air in and keeping the warm air out.

What are the benefits of using an air curtain sensor?

There are several benefits associated with using an air curtain sensor. They can be used in homes and commercial buildings such as warehouses and retail stores and will result in reduced energy costs. By creating a barrier they effectively stop external air from entering a property and indoor air from leaving the premises. As the transfer of air is controlled, energy bills will be reduced.

Installing an air curtain can ease the strain on other cooling or heating systems as it will work in conjunction with them rather than against them. For example, air curtains aid in reduced heat loss, and because of this, your heating system will not need to work as hard.

Air curtains maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment as they will increase the ventilation inside a building and will also stop flies and other pollutants from hindering the movement of traffic.

As an air curtain is fixed to the door, it will not affect the flow of traffic. Unlike many other heating and cooling units, it is not an obstacle. This is especially beneficial for restaurant owners because it eradicates the fear of guests possibly falling on the unit as they make their way in and out.

Price of an air curtain sensor

An air curtain sensor is fixed to the unit of the air curtain. The price of such a unit can vary, with many affordable options available and others that are a little pricier. Often, professionals will charge for the unit and then an additional charge will be added to install it. The cost will typically differ depending on how advanced the unit is. However, most units cost at least £1,000 or more. Aside from this, you will also have to factor in the cost of labour which can also change depending on who provides the service. Most will likely charge a basic rate for less advanced models and more for those that are deemed to be of an advanced standard.

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