What are radiant tubes

Radiant Heating

There are many types of heating that you will want to consider depending on the type of project you are undertaking. Radiant tube heating is great for almost instantly heating any area, for example if you have a poorly insulated warehouse bay that needs heating, radiant tubes offer an excellent soliton.

radiant tubes

The heat is able to be retained easily throughout the day and can be switched off long before the end of the working day whilst maintaining the temperature of the room. There are many benefits to using radiant tube heating for a number of spaces, some of which are listed below.

  • With radiant tubes you will notice a significant reduction in running costs not only because as previously mentioned, you can turn them off and they will still heat the space but because they are a low energy heating option. You may be able to save up to 65% on your future fuel costs and be able to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Although radiant tubes are a low energy heating system you will find that they are able to provide a very even heat coverage throughout the desired space.
  • Unlike other heating systems, radiant tubes do not directly heat the air, instead, they work in the same way as the sun in that they heat via infrared waves. As these waves travel through the air, they dissipate as heat onto people and objects in the room creating a consistent room temperature. As a result, it is ideal in areas where there is high air infiltration such as warehouse space with open bay doors.
  • Radiant tubes only take a few minutes to heat the room to your desired temperature which means less energy is wasted in warm-up times. If the room is exposed to a colder temperature such as a door being open it does not take long for the system to recover from this and reheat the space.
  • Because the tubes will be directed downwards towards the desired heating space and its occupants you will find that any heat lost through the roof as you would find with other systems is kept to a minimum.
  • This type of system is very easy to install into any space although it is advised that if you choose this system to use a professional heating specialist company so that they can ensure it is installed safely and correctly. Once this is done, it is a very easy system to maintain and operate with no issues of having to bleed radiators or check the water pressure as you would with other more traditional heating systems.
  • This type of system is very easy to control so that you can quickly adjust the temperature for different areas of your space. You are also able to set it to operating times so that you know that if you are heating a working environment it will be warm for your employees as soon as they arrive. Equally, you can then set it so that it switches off an hour before the end of the working day with the knowledge that the space will remain at the correct temperature.
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