Space Heaters – How to Choose the Best for Your Warehouse

Finding the right heating solution for your warehouse can feel like an impossible task. With such a vast space it can be difficult to know which heater will work efficiently without costing you a fortune each month. That being said, your workers are entitled to operate in a comfortably heated environment- particularly during winter, which is why it is important to understand the best warehouse heating solutions available in the market.

Radiant Tube Heating

Radiant Tube heaters utilises either linear or ‘U’ tube configurations which can be mounted on the walls or suspended. This type of heating emits infrared radiation, which instead of warming the air, warms people and objects in the space. Poorly insulated warehouses often benefit from this option as the effects are felt instantly and they can be easily switched on and off when required, making it both efficient and economical.

Warm Air Heaters

Warm Air heaters do exactly what the name suggests by warming the surrounding air and therefore the people in the space. Air is drawn into and across a heat exchanger and then pushed back out to then be distributed by a fan. It is an option which combines the efficiency of indirect heating with energy efficiency and most importantly, comfort for your workers.

LPG Heaters

Liquefied Petroleum Gas heaters are one of the more environmentally friendly and ‘cleaner’ heating solutions. If you are looking to become carbon neutral, this might be a good start. LPG fuel is stored in tanks after being produced during natural gas processing and is therefore the perfect solution for warehouses which are unable to access a mains gas supply.

At Winrow Industrial Heating, we have a wide range of industrial heating solutions to efficiently heat any warehouse space. Our team are happy to talk you through each make and model to find the perfect heating system for your business. Feel free to contact us today on 08000 588 035 with any enquiries, we’re happy to help!

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