The Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant tube heating is a flexible and energy efficient heating solution that is particularly effective when used in combination with indirect-fired air heating. The benefits of radiant heating are numerous and include:

Heating Control – enables the control of heating in different areas of the same building using different temperatures. This means you can tailor the heating to the particular environment based on the activity being carried out i.e. storage, loading, production etc

Cost Effective – radiant heating is a green solution and compares well to other forms of heating on costs.

Clean and Quiet – radiant heating provides clean, draft-free heating and runs quietly.

Spot Heating – radiant heating is ideal for heating specific areas. It works by heating people and objects rather than the air so it is possible to heat individual areas whilst leaving adjacent areas unheated. This means you can pinpoint exactly where you need heating to be without wasting money on heating a wide area.

High Air Changes – the air temperature with radiant heating is lower than other heating systems so if an area is subject to changes in temperatures such as loading bay areas then less energy is lost and the temperature can be restored quicker.

Allergens – radiant heating is good for people with allergens because it doesn’t distribute allergens like forced air systems are prone to do.

Radiant heating systems are perfect for the partial heating of large and open air spaces. With the flexibility of being able to switch off radiant tubes when required and with the heat lasting for long periods of time, radiant heating is cost effective and gives you plenty of options for heating your industrial space.

To find out more about radiant heating and how your business could benefit from the installation of radiant tubes then please get in touch and speak to one of our specialist team.

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