How to: Maintain & Ensure the Safety of a Commercial Heater

Heater Safety and MaintenanceIf you own a business which uses commercial heating units on your property you will need to ensure that the there is a level of maintenance and safety regularly enforced. It is advised that you arrange to have regular checks from professionals specialising in heating systems. However, during the times between these checks it is advised that you or one of your employees perform simple maintenance checks on your system. Here we list some of the ways in which you can check everything is working to maximum efficiency and safety.

The first thing you should do is to regularly change the filters and belts in the heating unit so that you don’t have a system failure at a later date. If these parts are working to maximum capacity the efficiency of your hating system could be suffering. It may be from a blockage in the air filter or the belts have become overworked and are in danger of breaking. In regularly checking on these parts and changing them if necessary you will ensure that you system is kept up and running throughout the year.

Keep it Clean

As with any system keeping it clean is a necessity but with heating systems there are very specific areas that easily collect dirt and dust. One of the areas that is most prone to this is the condenser coils which pull in a consistent stream of air which contains dust and other particles. By cleaning these regularly you can potentially increase the life of your unit by up to 30%, ultimately saving your business a lot of money.

Check for Leaks

Checking for leaks is one of the easiest ways of ensuring the safety of your commercial heating unit. Depending on the type of system you have you may have leaks from different areas. If you start to notice any build-up of ice, any condensation on the unit or on the surrounding walls then it is time to call in a professional. The sooner you spot this the less damage there will be to the system.

Contact a Professional

Finally, if you feel that you do not have the capacity to carry out these checks and would rather leave it to a professional you may want to consider investing in a commercial maintenance plan. Most companies specialising in the installation and maintenance of commercial and other heating systems will have maintenance plans in place for businesses with heating systems. They will ensure that all year round you have regular checks to all of your systems so that during the cooler months you don’t have any issues.

These are just a handful of ways that you and your employees can keep track of the safety and efficiency of your commercial heating unit. These units are often quite costly to install and maintain if not properly cared for so it is important to do so. Without these maintenance and safety checks you can put not only your business at risk of having to pay out large sums for repairs during peaks times but also risk the health and well being of employees.

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