How to keep your warehouse cool this summer

The UK has experienced particularly hot weather over recent weeks, and as enjoyable as extra sunshine can be, it can be hard to remain productive in sweltering temperatures. However, there are many steps you can take to make your warehouse cool during the summer months and keep staff comfortable and content, whilst protecting your machinery and stock.

Invest in ventilation

One thing you can do to keep your warehouse cool in the summer is invest in quality ventilation. When ventilation isn’t of a sufficient standard, smoke, dust, moisture and fumes can build up to dangerous and uncomfortable levels. Quality ventilation solutions such as industrial fans can keep air moving around your warehouse environment. If certain parts of your warehouse don’t have air conditioning, you can heighten comfort with portable fans.Large Warehouse Ventilation System

Upgrade your insulation

Insulation is heavily associated with warmth, but it can also trap cool air inside your environment. If you haven’t got the insulation you need to keep your team comfortable, it may well be worth investing in it. Remind your employees to consume sufficient amounts of fresh cold water. Not only will water help them cool down, it will keep them hydrated and add to their brain power, helping them focus and remain productive. Ensure water is always on supply to get the best results.

Night purging and white roofs

Switch off machines when they are not in use and consider using HVAC to draw in cool air from outside during the night. This process is known as night purging. You could even add a white roof to your premises to slow the process of heat build-up. White and light-coloured roofs are renowned for the way they reflect sunlight and radiate heat.

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