Is Your Warehouse Heating Adaptable during Winter?

There is one thing you can be sure of in the UK – that you can never be sure what the weather will be like next. Granted, our weather isn’t quite as extreme as other places who are battling minus 30 degrees in winter or 45 degrees in the summer, but we have our own problems to deal with.

The winter of 2018/2019 has been mild so far, meaning that your warehouse heating might not have been too energy-intensive or costly – so far. However, The Met Office has predicted snow, ice, and sleet to sweep over the nation in the coming weeks, making it much harder to heat your warehouse. As energy prices could increase by around 10% in the Spring of 2019, it’s useful to make sure you’re in control of your boiler.


With the weather as tumultuous as it is, you need to make sure your warehouse heating system can adapt to the changing temperatures. Keeping your heating on at the same level come rain or shine is going to lead to problems for your business.


Being able to adapt the temperature of your warehouse means being able to adapt the amount of energy you are using. If temperatures are warmer, you can afford to use less heat in your warehouse and therefore save money on your heating bill. You’ll only use the energy you need.


By reducing the amount of energy you waste and using energy more efficiently, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. This helps you protect the environment. Keeping your heating temperature the same at all times regardless of the weather can lead to excessive use of the fossil fuels that power your boiler, leading to greater volumes of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.


If you have a lot of staff working in your warehouse, you need to be able to adjust the temperature easily for their benefit. Staff who are too hot or too cold become irritated and unhappy, reducing the overall productivity of your workforce. They need to be able to keep the temperature at a desirable level to stay satisfied.

How to make sure your warehouse heating is easily adjustable?

Sometimes, making sure your heating system can respond to the changes in the weather is as simple as making sure your staff know where to locate the thermostat, timer, or boiler. Sometimes you may need to take extra steps like fitting a more modern boiler that can make quick adjustments. Other things to consider are:

  • Smart thermostats – These are connected to the internet allowing you to control your boiler remotely using a mobile phone or tablet. Even when you are not in your warehouse, you can change the temperature settings, turning it off if it’s not in use, or turning it on before your staff arrives.
  • Smart meters – For more accurate pricing information, energy savings, and cost savings on your energy bill.
  • A more energy efficient boiler – It will save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

Heating your warehouse for less through the winter is easier than ever with the introduction of new boiler technology. It might just be the best way to keep your staff happy and productive throughout 2019.

If you need help making sure you warehouse heating is up to scratch, get in touch with Winrow today on 08000 588 035. We will assess each warehouse on an individual basis to provide you with the bespoke heating solution you need.

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