Harry Taylor Heating Solutions

Winrow Industrial Heating provides installations, repairs, servicing and replacements of Harry Taylor Heaters for commercial clients throughout Runcorn, Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales, Chester, Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Harry Taylor Heating Solutions

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Harry Taylor Heaters

Harry Taylor is a family run business that has been trading for over 95 years. They manufacture market leading heating systems which have been developed and adapted over these years. Harry Taylor is committed to high standards which is why we install their heaters here at Winrow. Their quality is trusted.

Harry Taylor provides a range of heaters from warm air to radiant. These are perfect for:

Industrial & Commercial Harry Taylor Heaters

We fit and install a range of energy efficient industrial heaters in as well as replace Harry Taylor heaters in a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings including factories, warehouses and showrooms with their range of energy efficient heating systems which helps in minimising carbon usage, running costs and keeping your employees happy.  We ensure that the ideal heating solution is adapted to each situation.

Our selection of heating systems are energy efficient and are installed in a diverse set of market sectors such as workshops, factories, warehouses, garages, retail shops, and sports facilities.  The Winrow solutions use innovative heat recovery techniques to deliver a consistent and balanced working environment.

Whether you are operating from a small commercial premises or a large industrial premises, we have the experience and expertise to provide the right Harry Taylor heating system for your business in the North West.

If your current heating setup needs upgrading or is no longer fit for purpose we can provide an alternative solution that can fully replace your old heating system and be tailored to fit your buildings requirements.

Whether you’re need a Warm Air heater, Radiant heater, Suspended heater, Floor standing cabinet heater, Condensing warm air heater or Ducted heater running on LPG, Oil or Gas we can tailor your new system to be fully compatible.

If you need a heater for your industrial or commercial building or are looking to replace an outdated Harry Taylor heater, then contact us on 08000 588 035 for a free quotation.

Harry Taylor Heater ExampleWhat are the benefits of Harry Taylor heaters?

  • Reduced running costs. Savings of over 30% can be achieved.
  • Effective heat distribution within buildings to achieve optimum temperatures.
  • Compact reliable units that provide a range of heating options i.e. heating only, heating and ventilation, or heating and cooling.
  • Zone heating meaning only using a fraction of the energy to ensure that only those parts of the building being used are heated.

Harry Taylor puts great emphasis on it’s energy efficiency. This is demonstrated with their accreditation from the Carbon Trust and their work with the Energy Technology List, which certifies their products being energy efficient. The importance of energy efficiency is key when it comes to heating as it not only saves you money, but also protects the environment.

Why choose Winrow for a Harry Taylor Heater?

Winrow Industrial Heating specialises in the design, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of Harry Taylor heating systems for a broad range of enterprises, businesses and organisations across England. We have experience in replacing and installing a large number of Harry Taylor heaters.

We provide high performance heating systems, with market-proven expertise for providing comfortable and safe heated working environments.  Our customers have come to rely on the economy, reliability and durability of our products.

Our certified, expert Gas Safe engineers are on hand to plan, install and provide ongoing support across different sectors, supplying heating systems that are both reliable and energy-efficient.

We are Gas Safe registered and supply heating products and systems that are durable, with a proven track record of consistency and excellence.

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