Innovative ways to Reduce Energy Costs

heating unit in a warehouseIn a challenging business climate where it is a necessity for businesses to limit expenditure to as little as possible, companies should seek ways in which to reduce energy wastage in order to save money to compete elsewhere. Large industrial spaces are known to be the key culprit in wasting heat and energy throughout the year and require specialist teams carrying experience and possessing innovative ways to help rectify the problem. Our the past 50 years energy costs in relation to larger industrial warehouses have increased over 6 times, highlighting the importance of establishing an ambient temperature for working conditions throughout the year.

Warehouse heating solutions have been a revolution in recent years, with previously unknown costs regarding the heat loss in a warehouse hindering a business’s success through unnecessary expenditure on further heating techniques to rectify inconsistent heat loss. However warehouse and industrial heating solution companies such as Winrow Ltd have established innovative ways to benefit your company in the long run. Ambient air curtains, radiant tubes and a number of the ‘Winterwarm series’ products can all play a part in saving your business up to 30% on running costs.

‘Unison’ suggests that the temperature within a workplace should be reasonable during working hours, and should be highlighted with particular importance in relation to working conditions for employees; having a direct correlation with staff morale and productivity. Warehouse heating systems can provide a more desirable workplace for your employees with idyllic working temperatures, minimal acoustic disruption from the heaters or fans and a cooling facility for the warmer months. A number of products on offer from specialist companies such as Winrow Ltd are bespoke, thus it does not matter if the building in consideration already has a heating solution in place or not, for their team of specialist
engineers and installers can provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

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