Lower your January industrial heating bills

One major challenge for any business is managing energy costs in the winter. As the temperatures go down, the heating bills go up. This can be particularly difficult for businesses operating within industrial buildings. These buildings are typically comprised of large open spaces with a greater need for ventilation and are notoriously difficult to keep warm.

Why you must have industrial heating

Regardless of the associated challenges of heating a given space, it still needs to happen. It’s of the utmost importance that employees are comfortable at work, both for employee retention and well being, as well as for productivity. Furthermore, the government has a set of mandated ‘Workplace Temperatures” which must be adhered to. The Approved Code of Practice suggests the minimum temperature in a workplace should normally be at least 16 degrees Celsius. If the work involves rigorous physical effort, the temperature should be at least 13 degrees Celsius.  It is the legal responsibility of every employer to provide a reasonable level of comfort for their employees.

Heating at a lower cost

Maintaining a consistent level of heat is difficult in an industrial setting at the best of times, let alone doing so without breaking the bank. Fortunately, we at Winrow have developed an innovative approach that not only overcomes the specific challenges of industrial heating, but also presents a significant reduction in energy bills.

Winrow utilises the latest techniques in energy heat recovery to offer bespoke factory heating systems. In many cases, this approach represents as much as a 30% savings on running costs in addition to significant capital cost savings.

To find out how we at Winrow Building Services can help you save money on your heating and provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and efficient upgrade or replacement, simply call us today on 08000 588 035 and let us find the right solution to your industrial heating problems.

Why you need industrial heating this winter

Industrial heating can help you save money and keep your customers and staff warmer this winter. At Winrow, we specialise in providing our customers with industrial heating solutions of the highest calibre, and we are only happy when you are completely content with the service that we have provided.

We have been designing, supplying, installation and servicing industrial space heating systems for more than three decades and are able to provide solutions to heat all sorts of commercial environments, from garages and sports halls to retail units, factories and warehouses.

Comfort all year round

Our solutions keep employees warm, comfortable and therefore more productive during the colder months of the year. The solutions that we provide also ensure comfort is maximised in environments where customers can be found, helping you enhance your reputation and keeping them returning to your venue time and time again.

We can provide a fast, reliable service, with 7-day turnarounds from your initial enquiry frequently possible. We can adapt our solutions to meet your specific heating needs and are able to provide heaters for corrosive environments, localised heat, energy recovery, flammable atmospheres, outdoor heating and suspended solutions for those wishing to save floor space.

Tailored solutions available

At Winrow, we provide solutions for natural gas, oil and LPG, providing heaters from leading brands including Roberts Gordon, AmbiRad, Benson and Combat. Each system is tailored to deliver the highest standard of fuel efficiency possible, and we have even helped one customer to cut their fuel bill by a stunning 40%.

Should you already have access to your own installer, this is not a problem – we can supply heaters direct without installation. Our solutions are focussed on helping you reduce your fuel bills without compromising on comfort, even when the climate is at its most challenging.

To find out more, complete the contact form on our website or call 08000 588 035.

Why you need indoor entertainment heating

With any space, having the right heating solution in place is key, particularly when it comes to entertainment spaces. If customers are unable to feel comfortable in your space as a result of the temperature their experience will be compromised, ultimately damaging your business. Creating a well heated space and environment within your business only requires a reasonable initial investment that in the long term will only benefit yourself and your customers.

The Benefits

The right heating solution for your indoor entertainment venue will only improve your facilities and with that your reputation for providing your customers with consistent comfort will only grow. It is these details that create customer loyalty and is what will keep them coming back time and time again as well as recommending you to others. Whether it be in a space where customers actively enjoy and partake in the entertainment or are simply spectators, a comfortable temperature is the best way to keep their spirits up.

Not only is it important to keep your customers at a comfortable temperature throughout their visit but you must also be aware of any health and safety regulations in place. With the right heating solution in place that is regularly serviced and maintained you will be able to avoid any penalties and violations.

Save Money

On average, if the right heating system is installed into a facility and well maintained, the energy bills can drop by up to 40% a year. The right fuel, whether that be Natural Gas, Oil or LPG can help you to achieve this whilst heating your space as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The types of indoor entertainment facilities that generally benefit most from these types of heating systems can vary from large music venues to soft play businesses, indoor trampoline parks, activity centres, theatres and more.

Why you need campsite heating

An industrial heating system could add a touch of luxury to your campsite’s pitches to attract more business all year round.

As more budget-conscious holiday makers choose to holiday at home, now is a fantastic time to own a campsite.

Here at Winrow Industrial Heating we’ve come up with six great reasons why a campsite heating system will prove to be a lucrative investment.

The rise of ‘glamping’Fire Close Up

Glamping has quickly risen in popularity as people holidaying at home look for ways to get more for their money. Offering heating to campers adds an element of the comfort and luxury that is associated with glamping to their camping experience.


England’s unpredictable weather can make pre-booking a camping trip with kids a bit of a risk.  Those with babies or very young children may be put off by the risk of very cold weather.  Being able to provide campers with campsite heating gives parents reassurance that young children will be kept comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do.

Unique selling point

Whilst many campsites offer electric hook-ups, campsite heating is far harder to come by.  Offering campers heating will give you the edge over your competitors.

More bookings during the colder months

Most campsites are fully booked during the summer months but can struggle to fill pitches during spring, autumn and winter when temperatures are far less predictable.  Offering customers campsite heating can help to encourage more bookings during the colder months.

Charge more per pitch

Giving campers the option to add heating increases the value of your pitches.

Get people talking about your campsite

Customers are more likely to talk about their experience if you’re offering something a bit different.  Get customers talking to increase awareness of your campsite both online and off.

Get in touch with our team of experts here at Winrow to find out how our industrial heating systems can increase the value of your campsite.

Why these heating brands are the best

At Winrow, we supply heating solutions from some of the industry’s most trusted and prestigious brands. We have experience with working with all kinds of heating equipment and are always on hand to assist you with finding the right solution for your needs. Let’s take a look at what some of our main suppliers have to offer right now.


Ambirad is one of the most renowned manufacturers of warm air heating systems and gas-fired radiant heaters on the market. The company is known for constantly raising standards and is now part of the Nordyne Inc group.


Benson also belongs to the Nordyne Inc group and offers a wide range of warm air heating products. The company is noted for its responsible, eco-friendly solutions.


Combat offer easy-to-install warm air heaters for industrial and commercial environments with a wide range of heat outputs and burner options.

Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor is a supplier of industrial heating and evaporative cooling solutions. The company is based in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester and supplies systems for commercial and industrial clients across the country.


Powrmatic is one of the most popular manufacturers of industrial and commercial heating equipment in Europe and is also known for its smoke ventilation solutions.


Also owned by the Nordyne Inc is Reznor, a market-leading supplier of gas heaters, warm air heating systems and sustainable HVAC products.

Roberts Gordon

Roberts Gordon is a pioneering provider of radiant heaters, infrared heaters and forced air heating systems with an outstanding track record.


Yorkshire-based market leader Warmco supply bespoke warm air heating systems for all industrial and commercial applications. The company has existed for more than 90 years.


Winterwarm offer a diverse range of heating systems for industrial and agricultural requirements and has over 80 years’ experience. Their products are used across the world.

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