A Guide To LPG Heating

LPG Heating

If you’re here today it’s likely you’ve come to find out all about LPG heating. Maybe you don’t know anything about it, or maybe you have a specific query you need an answer for. This is definitely the right place! This article aims to answer all you burning LPG heating- related questions, looking particularly at what LPG heating is and how safe it is. As well as this we will explore how LPG heating holds up against electric heating and the cost comparisons between them. We’ll then take a little look at how environmentally friendly this form of heating is.

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Heating a Campsite

Just because the nights are drawing in, and it’s getting a little cooler outside, doesn’t mean you should spend all your time indoors. You may think camping is for summer alone, but this isn’t true, either. There are several ways to heat a campsite. Freestanding Radiant heaters are usually the go-to option, but they’re not exactly the cheapest to heat. However, there are plenty of other ways to effectively, and efficiently, heat an outdoor space such as a campsite or garden. Still not convinced? Bear with us, we’ll show you how…

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Why Summer Is The Best Time For Commercial Heating Maintenance

Why summer is the best time for commercial heating work

Summer – a time when people generally use less heating, giving your boiler a well deserved rest. Of course, it’s still incredibly important to make sure that your commercial heating is ready for the colder Autumn and Winter Months.

In fact, problems with heating are far more likely to occur over the summer after your boiler has been inactive for a while. Things like limescale build ups or limescale on the heat exchanger of the boiler can both spell trouble for the lifespan of your commercial heating. With that in mind, here are some of the key things that you should know about why summer is the best time for commercial heating work.

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